Which Game Engine Is Better, Unreal Engine or Unity 3D?


Unreal Engine and Unity 3D are the most compared game engines in recent times. With the development of the internet and technical equipment, it has become easier to bring content to the market these days, and developers are looking for answers to this problem.

Both game engines have produced very beautiful productions. We have prepared this article for you which will make your choice easier with its advantages and disadvantages.

Unreal Engine

The game engine was developed in 1998 by Epic MegaGames and Digital Extremes. Designed to be compatible with the first-person shooter game Unreal Tournament, the game engine later acquired different abilities. The Unreal Engine, which is now headed by Tim Sweeney at Epic Games, hosts many big-budget productions on the market

1. It’s completely free to use

Unreal Engine, which provides support for important companies, also has great advantages for individual use. The use of the game engine is completely free. Unreal, which does not use licensing models like its rival Unity 3D, does not take any share if developers cannot earn $1 million from the game they published. However, studios that exceed this figure are required to pay 5% of their earnings to Epic Games.

2. It is possible to develop games with visual coding

Do you want to develop a game but you are not familiar with today’s software languages? Unreal Engine has a solution for you. Epic Games, which introduces the Blueprint system, opened the way for game development with visual coding. This feature, which works by combining blocks with each other, is said to be for users who have difficulty with the software language.

3. Advanced technical skills

The biggest advantage of the Unreal Engine game engine is undoubtedly its technical capacity. With a system that provides strong and optimized productions, you can create wonders. With RTX support, the game engine is more suitable for large productions classified as AAA. Unreal Engine, which also has VR support, is also used in fields such as cinema and architecture.

4. Epic Games gifts

Epic Games, which makes a name for itself with the gifts it gives to players, is doing something similar in the Unreal Engine store. The company gives away 5 paid materials to developers every month. These materials that help develop the game are quite helpful to individual developers.


In 2005, Unity 3D, developed by David Helgason, Joachim Ante and Nicholas Francis, has its own place in the game world. System hosting popular productions such as Cuphead, Escape From Tarkov and Superhot, is especially preferred by developers.

1. Uncluttered interface

Unity 3D, which has been on the market for a long time, attracts attention with its easier interface than its rival Unreal Engine platform. With its non-complex structure, it offers a comfortable environment to those who want to start from scratch, and it succeeds in collecting praise in this regard.

2. Advanced community and store system

The older platform is collecting the fruits of its labor according to Unreal Engine. The game engine, which is particularly prominent with community forums, is a significant choice in this regard. The game engine, which has millions of materials in its store, outperforms its rival. If you want to try different content, Unity 3D will be enough for you.

3. Unlimited access to resources

With the help of large community forums, you can easily find lots of information about Unity 3D. With thousands of tutorial videos available online, the game engine provides great convenience in this regard. In addition, Unity Technologies provides support with free tutorial videos for those who want to start from scratch on their website.

Unreal Engine vs Unity 3D: Final Decision

Both Unreal Engine and Unity 3D have their own advantages. Unreal Engine and Unity 3D, which can address different audiences, are important in the world of games. In short, after deciding on the game you want to make, we recommend that you try both game engines. After that, you can start developing your project in detail.