What Is MidJourney, How To Use It?


Although it may sound strange, MidJourney AI is actually a Discord bot. If you use Discord, a voice chat application, you will know that there are many bots developed for different purposes. A new artificial intelligence that turns your sentences into pictures has been added to the most commonly used music bots. It is also very popular on social media, but there are many people who are not using Discord and are curious about the bot. So it’s time to explain how MidJourney works.

What is MidJourney AI, and how is it used?

MidJourney is actually the name of the laboratory that developed this artificial intelligence. They say they are a small team and they finance themselves. The development team consists of 11 full-time employees and, as they say, “an incredible number of consultants”. Basically, let’s start by saying that this artificial intelligence is a Discord bot and that you need a Discord account to use it.

To use the artificial intelligence, you need to enter the MidJourney Discord server. You can invite them to their own servers by clicking on the “Join the beta” button on their website. This will give you direct access to the server where the artificial intelligence is running.

On the MidJourney Discord server, you will see two different text channels called “#newbie”. These are text channels that have been opened for visitors with limited number of usage rights to draw their pictures to the artificial intelligence. Let’s say from the start that there is a big chaos there.

To draw your picture to the artificial intelligence, what you need to do is go to one of the text channels mentioned in the previous paragraph and enter your command in the format below.

  • Write ‘/imagine’ and then hit the enter
  • Write what you want


Prompt: space ship, lasers, missiles, space, 4k, realistic, high definition, moon in background


Prompt: creepy dungeon background in mike mignola style

The bot will detect your command and generate four low-resolution images within one minute. Under each image, you will see eight buttons labeled U1-2-3-4 and V1-2-3-4. The U buttons with numbers next to them are the abbreviations for “upscale” and will command the bot to generate a high-resolution version of the image for you. You then have the option to upscale the resolution a few more times. Of course, at some point, you will need to be a subscriber to the program. Non-subscribers have a total of 25 free trial credits. Click here to visit the website of the artificial intelligence that will push the limits of your imagination.