Artificial Intelligent

What Is MidJourney, How To Use It?


Although it may sound strange, MidJourney AI is actually a Discord bot. If you use Discord, a voice chat application, you will know that there are many bots developed for different purposes. A new artificial intelligence that turns your sentences into pictures has been added to the most commonly used music bots. It is also very popular on social media, but there are many people who are not using Discord and are curious about the bot. So it’s time to explain how MidJourney works…

What is Dall-E?


Dall-E is an artificial intelligence program that creates images from textual descriptions, revealed by OpenAI on January 5, 2021. It uses a 12-billion parameter training version of the GPT-3 transformer model to interpret the natural language inputs and generate corresponding images. Dall-E is capable of creating images of common concepts like “a cat sitting on a chair” or “a person riding a bike”…