Apple Watch Series 8 – Preview


Before Apple’s new generation smart watch was introduced, it was indicated by many leaks and claims. However, today it appeared in front of us in all its glory, after dozens of rumors. Years before the pandemic, Apple had set long-term health goals for the smart watch. In recent months, we have also seen many leaks related to the Apple Watch Series 8, in addition to the software. Bloomberg analyst Mark Gurman claimed that Apple would add a temperature sensor to the Watch Series 8. With the event, the temperature sensor became certain.

With a sensor that users have been asking for a long time, the watch will alert the user if their temperature is higher than normal. This sensor takes a measurement every 5 seconds. It also detects temperature changes as little as 0.1 degrees Celsius. In addition, Watch Series 8, which can measure body temperature all night long, will give women more information about their ovulation periods. In this way, women will be able to follow the process in more detail.

Apple Watch’s first three generations had 38mm and 42mm sizes. In Watch Series 7, the case size was increased to two different options of 41 mm and 45 mm. Apple Watch Series 8 is available in 45mm and 41mm sizes.

The new series will have a battery life of 18 hours all day. In addition, the ‘Low Power Mode’ will also be included. Thanks to the Low Power Mode, Apple Watch will provide a battery life of up to 36 hours. This new mode will also be available on all other Apple Watches after Series 4 with the watchOS 9 update.

At the same time, Watch Series 8 will also be able to detect car collisions with the ‘Collision Detection’ feature. For this, it contains two new motion sensors. According to the statement, the collision feature will only work while driving. Thus, it will determine four different types of accidents: jumping, frontal collision, rear collision, and side collision.

Series 8 will come in two different colors: aluminum and stainless steel. They will be:

Aluminum: Midnight, Starlight, Silver, and Red

Stainless steel: Silver, Gold, and Graphite